Big Centennial.

by Rapping Ranger

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released February 8, 2016



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Rapping Ranger Harrison, Arkansas

Just bee-boppin' around, singing songs and rapping about our U.S. National Parks.

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Track Name: Arches NP: Join My Guided Walk
When you see me at the trailhead,
Join my guided walk (x3)
If you wanna learn a thing or two,
Join my guided walk (x3)
As if there's nothing else to do,
Join my guided walk (x3)
I got interpretation down and a few good stops,
So my friends, follow me, and we'll make it to the top.

I'm a nice girl, with a cool hat
I'm a ranger. See my name tag?
If you would come with me, I'll show you habitat
And some wildlife and scat. Don't touch that!

The kangaroo rat, as an example
Seeks shelter from a burrow so it won't get trampled.
It leaps erratically, sporadically
To automatically leave the many dangers of being seen.
It stuffs its cheeks with hundreds of blackbrush seeds.
It gets its water from the food that it eats.
It comes out at night when the sun is gone.
Have you learned something new? 'Cause it's time to move on!


I'm an intern, but y'all knew that.
I'll be the boss soon, bigger than a bobcat.
Now just ahead is a riparian zone
Where the rain washes thru on its way to the Colora-
Doe. A deer. A real mule deer!
Ray. A drop of golden sun for this situation.
In the desert the conditions are harsh,
But they're perfect if you think of the formation of an arch!

Eight inches is all we got
Right here last year, that's not a whole lot.
Let me be clear...I mean eight inches of rain
Which isn't much if you're a plant that is trying to remain the same.
How many of these arches can you see?
There's a few to the north, a few to the south and
Some to the west; there are over two-thousand!

The juniper here, it adapts to the drought
By pruning itself; weak branches are out.
Ah, ah--staying alive
You do what you gotta if you wanna survive!


Here's some sandstone, with a lot of holes
Cracks and crevices--habitat goals.
The collared lizard is cold-blooded
So it might sun itself on a rock that's rutted.
Its bright colors make it easily seen
So it's gotta look out for its predators that are starving
They will swoop and they'll dive on down
And make a meal outta him unless he can't be found.

And what better place to, uh, take cover
Than a shady little space with your significant other?
So go find that place where you're safe and secure,
'Cause it's gonna be a hot and stifling summer!

Track Name: Pecos NHP: Glorieta
It's the rapping ranger coming at you again
With tales of human history and of the people within
The park is Pecos, New Mexico, NHP
The story starts with a pueblo and it ends with you and me

Long ago the Cicuye were 2000 strong
While living in a hilltop pueblo situated along
The foothills of a mountain range, with the mesa and the plains
And a corridor essential to the ancient routes of trade

The pueblo people traveled from the valley to the west
And the tribes from the plains traveled to the highest crest
And they met up in the middle at the pueblo Cicuye
Which began the blend of cultures that’s so evident today

Glorieta, Glorieta
There is nowhere better for an
Ancient band to settle in the west
A climate so inviting and a pathway fit for trade
The pueblo on the hill…they had it made

Skip ahead a century, when Spain was on a mission
Seeking silver, seeking gold, seeking all the finest riches
In a new world full of unfamiliar terrain
That they would spend years trying hard to conquer and claim

But then they came across a settlement on top of hill
The people living off the land, but very powerful still
Cause their location was impeccable, overlooking everything
Way of life respectable, with balance and harmony

The newcomers thought that they would settle beside
The people they would call the Pecos, and believe me they tried
But when they built a mission church and brought a new way of livin’
The Pecos resisted, defending their traditions


Now when the Santa Fe Trail came thru that corridor
That had served as an east to west trading route before
Men from Missouri came thru, and what’s more
Soldiers had a battle here during the Civil War

Once the war was over, trade resumed along the trail
But eventually it yielded to the power of the rail
An intercontinental railroad took the stage
As the nation jumped into the industrial age

Then came the mother road, route 66
Connecting Chicago to Los Angeles
And more recently the interstate came on thru
History in the making…that includes you!

Ancient routes of trade
The trail of Santa Fe
It was the railway, and Route 66, and
Now, it’s the interstate

Glorieta, Glorieta
There is nowhere better
To open up the world to newer quests
A climate so inviting and a pathway of exchange
Glorieta…the gateway to the Plains.
Track Name: Buffalo NR: Karst Topography
Please accept my apology
For astute terminology
But the Buffalo's a total geologic anomaly
Karst topography affects the comprehensive ecology
So we've all gotta act responsibly
For good water quality

Specific atmospheric circumstances and gravity
Bring precipitation to the ground incredibly rapidly
And in karstic regions percolation happens quite passively
When the water filters underground and into a cavity

Hydraulic pressure, infiltration, dissolution
Subterranean passageways that allow redistribution
Of the chemicals and sediments and other pollutants
Right back into our waterways...where's the solution?

In the watershed, the power's ours
To take care of the Buffalo River
Protect the land that feeds the water
We can do it when we're in it together.
Track Name: Buffalo NR: Graffiti and Vanity
It really is a shame that a river proclaimed
To be the first, would be defamed
Simply with a name etching deep in the grain on the
Side of a rocky outcropping or the depths of a cave
And what a stain…
But who's to blame?

We all wanna be a legend
A household name
But let me tell you, notoriety is not the same game
So if it's fame that you're after, ascertain fame
But don't sacrifice the earth's inherent beauty in vain (x2)

Why do some people insist upon leaving
Marks of their presence with no rhyme or reason?
Wouldn't our parklands be perfect, if even
We started listening more than we're speaking?

We all wanna be a legend
A household name
But let me tell you, notoriety is not the same game
So if it's fame that you're after, ascertain fame
But don't sacrifice the earth's inherent beauty in vain

Track Name: Buffalo NR: Prepare Yourselves
Prevention, personal safety, preparedness
It's your prerogative
Protect your people and property properly
It's your prerogative.

Welcome to the Buffalo! How is your day?
Do you have a plan for how to see the waterway?
Visitors ask how long it takes to drive across the park
And then we tell them it's a pretty long ride.
This is a linear park. It follows a river.
There are a lot of miles between there and hither.
135, to be specific
From Boxley downstream to Buffalo City.

Highway 7, 43, and 74
This is the web of roads that you need to know
14, 65, 4-1-2
Grab a map; please help us help you!

We're glad that you're considering the Buffalo,
But before you go, you have got to know
Preventative, precautionary measures should be taken
To have a safe and memorable family vacation.

Prevention, personal safety, preparedness
It's your prerogative
Protect your people and property properly
It's your prerogative
Please plan and prepare before you
Try to get somewhere
Do your research; take your time
And you will be just fine.

Our campgrounds are first-come, first-served
Except for Buffalo Point, part of which can be reserved
Sites are relatively primitive with limited amenities,
But that's alright; that's why you left the city!

Certain trails and river trips are meant for beginners
So if you're new to this, stick to those, and you'll be a winner.
Terrain here is mountainous with high rock ledges.
For the love of Stephen Mather, stay away from cliff edges!

Please…bring…water and snacks.
The hike is no fun if you can't make it back.
Never overexert yourself or overwork yourself
Or else you could hurt yourself, and we don't want that!
Cell phone coverage is slim to none,
So don't rely at all on calling anyone.
Hike with a buddy, stay on the trail,
And if it gets too strenuous, BAIL.



The wilderness is rugged. It's no place for rookies
Leaving breadcrumb trails and dropping cookies.
Pack out every bit of waste,
And leave no trace,
To preserve unimpaired this sacred place.

The upper river dries in the summertime
So the floating traffic moves on down the line
From Ponca down to Pruitt and Tyler Bend
On to Dillard's Ferry all the way…to the end.
A wild river inherently has a couple obstructions
That can threaten a paddler, causing quite a production
So even if you are skilled, and even if you can swim,
Wear your PFD so you can paddle again.

And one more thing before I let you go
It's a great big problem that continues to grow.
When you see a wild creature like a bear or an otter,
For Pete's sake, guys…don't be a bother!
Let the elk graze! Let the turkey gobble!
Let the bats fly, and the hogs squabble.
Let the eagle soar! Let the deer stare!
Let the coyote howl, and you stay over there.